Coronavirus (English)

Vrijdag 13 maart 2020

Measures coronavirus This letter has been drawn up in collaboration with STWT and goes to all our STWT schools. As you know, there is currently a pandemic (global epidemic) of the coronavirus. The number of infections with the new coronavirus in our country is increasing. Education also has to deal with the consequences of the spread of the virus. We understand that this raises questions and concerns. In this letter we would like to explain the consequences this has for our school. On Thursday March 12, there was a press conference about the corona virus. In this press conference, the Minister of Health Care explained the measures below to combat the corona virus. All measures in this letter are effective until at least March 31, 2020. The general measures are:  Anyone who has a cold and/or sore throat and/or cough and/or fever should stay at home, this also applies to your child (ren).  Working from home as much as possible.  Do not attend events where more than 100 people are present. Educational institutions remain open, including our school. Fewer infections occur among children, partly due to fewer international contacts, and children are less at risk. What does this mean for you?  If your child suffers from a cold and/or sore throat and/or cough and/or fever, does your child stay at home; as a parent you determine that in the first place. Report your child ill according to the usual procedure at our school; there will be no reports of this made by us with the attendance officer (leerplichtambtenaar).  If your child develops complaints at school, such as a cold and/or sore throat and/or cough and/or fever, you will be called to ask to pick up your child.  If complaints persist and/or worsen, follow the procedure according to RIVM regarding notification (see link on the back of the letter).  If a teacher suffers from a cold and/or sore throat and/or cough and/or fever, the teacher stays at home until the complaints are over. Since in this period of the year such complaints are already common anyway, we will have to deal with regular absence of teachers. It is virtually impossible to absorb all absence by substitute forces. This means that if your child's teacher has to stay at home, chances are this will also apply to your child's class. You will be informed about this.  All trips (for example excursions, school trips, museum visits) that are planned until at least March 31, 2020 are canceled.  If your child (ren) cannot go to school because of these measures, we ask you to accompany your child with computer programs (for example Gynzy, Rekentuin, TaalZee) and with reading books. Where possible we give the children homework from the weekly task; this can be arranged by your child's teacher.  We keep a close eye on developments and will inform you of any changes in the policy of the Central Government. We ask for your understanding. Further current information can be found at:  De website van de Rijksoverheid:  De website van het RIVM:  Specifieke informatie voor onderwijs: coronavirus-en-het-onderwijs-en-kinderopvang  Bellen kan naar het landelijke informatienummer 0800-1351 The following letter has been given for parents with a child at childcare (BSO): Last week we informed you about the Coronavirus. In response to the new measures announced today by the cabinet, we now inform you about what this means for you and your child (ren): ● If your child has a cold, you should keep your child at home as a precaution, even if these complaints have been around for a while; we cannot distinguish between them. We understand that this is a drastic measure, but this guideline has been imposed on us by RIVM. Your child is welcome again if it is free of complaints. ● We ask you to contact us by telephone and to deregister your child. ● If your child develops one of the above complaints at the daycare, a pedagogical employee will contact you by telephone and she will ask you to pick up your child. ● If you experience complaints yourself, we ask you to have your child brought and / or collected by someone else. Of course, this also applies to other people who usually come to pick up your child. ● If you suspect that you or your child has the Corona virus, you are requested to contact your GP by telephone and with the location manager of the reception center. ● As a parent, you are responsible for reporting an infection to the GGD or the GP and following the GGD's instructions. Our locations remain open Our locations will remain open as usual and primary schools will also remain open. When primary school sends children home because of sick teachers, we will do our best to accommodate these children. Since the above guideline also applies to our employees, we may be faced with the fact that employees must also stay at home. We look at what that means for the group occupancy per day. We do our utmost to arrange replacement. In extreme cases, this may mean that we will have to close one or more groups or combine locations if there are insufficient staff. You can rest assured that we will do our utmost to communicate this to you in a timely manner. Rules on financial compensation If you have to keep your child at home, there is no financial compensation. We follow the guideline of the GGD when a child is ill. It states when a child may or may not visit the daycare. This guideline has now been tightened up by the government and we have to adhere to that. This means that we must keep children out, in accordance with the RIVM / GGD advice. This is not a choice of our own and we are dealing with a situation of force majeure. We reserve the place and the child is welcome again when the complaints are over. If we have to close groups because we do not have enough employees, there is financial compensation. We will inform you personally in such cases. We realize that this is an uncertain and unpleasant situation and hope for your understanding and cooperation. The most important thing to do now is to take responsibility together and act wisely. These measures will take effect on Friday 13 March and will apply until 31 March. Met vriendelijke groet, Ingeborg van der Meulen (directeur)


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